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Dedicated team of professionals always ready for cooperation. Over 25 years of work experience, as well as clients who have not changed us for decades, are important data that indicate our expertise, loyalty, respect and advocacy for clients.

Speed and efficiency for questions in the field of economy, finance, tax system, as well as in the field of labor law and personnel solutions. And all in accordance with the current legal changes. Employees with accounting licenses.

Experience with companies whose founders are non-residents, communication in English, application of modern methods of digital business are our trump cards, as well as many years of experience in working with the IT sector.

Using our knowledge and experience in working with the private sector, we can be a reliable partner for the safe growth of your business.

Our services

Registration of entrepreneurs, legal entities and associations as well as their liquidation

Tax consulting and tax reporting for all types of tax obligations

Financial reporting

Accounting services

Administrative services

Additional service of performing online payment transactions on behalf of the client

Modern way of working - receiving documents via e-mail, as well as delivery of calculations, reports and payment orders in digital form.

If you want to hang out, come to our office in the center city - PC Ambasador, local 27-m.

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PC Ambasador, lokal 27-M
18000 Niš, Srbija

+381 18 526 740
+381 63 403 998

PIB: 101531712

Identification number: 17182293

Permit license number 894/22